Upon discovering a fault you should submit a fault report so that the faulty item can be tested and fixed. Remember that Spirit Studios technical staff cannot fix what they don't know about, so this system is important in the resolution of studio/IT problems. The Studiofaults system is also a useful way to check on any existing faults prior to a session or lesson, so that you can work around them or re-book as necessary.

The Spirit Studios equal opportunities policy makes provision for visual impairments. To this end there are small buttons at the top right of every page to change the colour of the background of the Studiofaults page. By default the background is set to white, but it can be switched to yellow if desired by the user.

There are four buttons at the top of every page for quickly navigating the Studiofaults system. The 'Home' page features a list of unresolved faults - or faults which are still outstanding, and either have yet to be tested or are pending for some reason. The 'See Resolved Faults' page features a list of faults which have been resolved.

Both lists are categorized as follows:

'ID' - The faults identification number, unique to every entry.

'Faulty Item' - The exact item which is faulty.

'Location' - Where the faulty item is. This could be a studio, classroom, or a piece of sign-out equipment.

'Submitted' - The date the fault was originally reported.

'Status' - The current status of the fault:

  • 'Pending' - The fault has been logged, but has yet to be tested.
  • 'Open'- A technician has tested the equipment, has found a fault and steps have been taken to resolve it.
  • 'Closed' - The fault has been resolved and closed, but the report will be logged for future reference.
  • 'No Fault Found' - A technician has tested the equipment, but has found no fault.

'Last Updated' - The date the logged fault report was last edited by a technician.

'Staff' - Which technician last edited the logged fault report.

'View' - Click the 'View' button to see the fault log in detail.

'Note' - If a technician has left a note regarding the status of the fault, it will appear here as a small Magnifying Glass symbol. Click to read.

To report a fault:

Click the button called 'Report a Fault'. This will take you to the 'Report a Fault' page.
Once there you should fill out the form as required. A yellow asterisk (*) symbol next to a box denotes a required field.
After you have filled out all the required fields, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page.

The fields are:

'Location of Faulty Item' - Where the fault is (Classrooms/Studios/Sign-Out Equipment)

'Faulty Item' -The name of the item which is faulty. If the faulty item is a piece of equipment, please give the model number if possible. If the faulty item is a PC or Mac, please include the computers name in this field. If the faulty item is one of several (For example - There are three Behringer HA4700 Foldback amps in Spirit Studio), please state clearly which one.

'Detailed Description of Fault' - A description of the exact nature of the fault.
The following guidelines for describing the fault can also be accessed by hovering the mouse pointer the '?' Symbol next to this field
Please write a detailed description of the fault here, taking care to include any specific details which may be useful in resolving it.
If the faulty item is a piece of audio equipment with more than one channel, such as a mixer or outboard unit, please specify which channel is faulty.
If the faulty item is a computer or Mac please include the computer name, which is printed on a label on the computer case itself.
If you wish to report a faulty-sounding piece of equipment, please be as detailed as you can in describing the sound. Is it distorted? Low in level? High in level? Dull? Thin? Intermittent? Noisy?
If any more information is on the fault is required; an engineer may leave a reply for you on the fault log, or contact you via email.

'Student/Staff Name' - Please include your name here. This will only be visible to technical staff who log into the system. Any students viewing studio faults will not see who reported them. Leaving your name means it will be easier to contact you if more information about the fault is required by technical staff at a later time.

'Email Address' [Optional] - The email address to which email notifications are to be sent. If you choose to include an email address here, and email notification will be sent there each time the fault is updated.

What happens now:

The Studiofaults system is checked regularly by Spirit Studios technical staff. When a fault is reported, maintenance time will be booked to check the fault. Once testing has taken place (and assuming a fault is found), steps will be taken to resolve the fault as quickly as possible. The technician will also write up their findings & log them with the report (these notes can be viewed by anyone), and also update the fault's status accordingly. If you opted to include your email address when reporting the fault, you will receive an email notification each time the fault is updated.

Please bear in mind that certain studios have very busy periods, and resolving studio faults can often be delayed. Please also consider that some faults may take a long time to resolve, may require parts to be ordered and delivered or may require equipment to be sent away for specialist servicing.

If a fault is severe enough to seriously affect the operation of any session, a workaround will be provided. Whenever this is the case you will be informed of the issue, either by a member of staff or by way of a laminated notice in the studio. On the rare occasion that the fault is so severe that normal studio operation is not possible, students with sessions booked that day or the next day may be asked to cancel their sessions so that the fault can be resolved. In these situations any studio credits will be reimbursed and technical staff will make resolving the fault a top priority.

Example of a Fault Report:

Included below is an example of a Fault Report which has been correctly submitted, investigated, resolved and closed.